Who said the treadmill was boring? Here are 5 creative treadmill exercises. You can use these exercises as a circuit training workout. A circuit training is simply a workout based around a set number of “stations” that you repeat until your time runs out. Begin walking forward (warm up), then backward, side shuffles, mountain climbers and end with lunges. Each exercise should be done for 6 minutes and repeated 5 times.

Circuit 1: walk forward (warm up)

Circuit 2: walk backward (slowly)
Until you are certain of your balance, it would be best to hold onto the handrails. This is more difficult than it looks, but it is also excellent for the brain in terms of thinking.

Circuit 3: side shuffles
Side shuffles work the inner and outer thighs as well as the calves. Stand sideways on the treadmill. Perform quick and rapid side shuffles. Then switch sides, performing the same movements.

Circuit 4: mountain climbers:
Position yourself in the plank position. Put your feet on the treadmill and your hands on the floor. At a speed of 1mph begin to walk on the treadmill, driving your knees in towards your body. Whilst primarily concentrating on the abdominals, this exercise also works the leg, shoulder and arm muscles.

Circuit 5: lunges
Set your treadmill to a level with which you are comfortable. The less you use your arms to help stand up, the more advanced you make it. Take long steps and get deep into the lunge. To make the movement easier, grab on to the top of the treadmill for support and don’t descend as deep into the lunges. Lunges work the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

These treadmill exercises will keep you fit and healthy.

This circuit training should take about 30 minutes. But, of course, you can make it as difficult as you like. Challenge yourself. Your heart and lungs will be grateful to you and your entire body will thank you.