The morning of July 4th, 2015, I’m using my laptop at my kitchen table, a place I don’t typically sit for laptop matters. This day, however, it is there that I return to LiveLiving’s Facebook page to meditate on this post for a bit:

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I eventually remove myself from the kitchen table for a moment. As I’m walking back to the spot where I had been meditating on 1 Peter 4:10, I am asking our Heavenly Father to please reveal to me just which gifts I should be fully using in this season of life. A few of my gifts? All of them working together? I ask. But, before I even finish this prayer, my attention is quickly directed to this painting hanging on a wall in front of me: an art piece I had experimented with at a friend’s mixed-media art class a couple years ago.
Penny Powell

Because of the timing of my attention being drawn to this artwork, I can’t help but feel that God is guiding me to use the very gifts needed to share ZoeHygiea Christ-centered “Stretch, Strengthen & Relax” classes. This certainly would not be an odd message from Him, especially since I have been seeking His plan for further growing this work that keeps me flowing between movement and stillness in His concentrated Presence while helping others to do the same. Through this role, I get to use the gift of teaching — and, furthermore, teaching subject matter I am passionate about: exercising and relaxing in the Presence of God! And, how beautiful that this type of class promotes healing!

About the gifts of healing that Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 12:9, the Study Bible on explains: “This gift is given to the person who God uses to restore someone. The Greek term iama can be used to refer to both physical healing and spiritual restoration. The basic meaning of iama has to do with restoring someone to health or well-being or reconciling them to God.”

So, how does this gift show up, healing-wise, for those I’m serving?

Since The Holy Spirit knows far better than I what healing needs to be done through the gift of teaching I’ve been given, it makes sense to me that my classes never fully go according to my plan when I pre-plan. They always seem to take on a life of their own; however, they always turn out to be well-received with participants often saying: “I feel SO much better!” Physically and Spiritually! “You knew just what I needed!” Did I? No, I didn’t…but, The Holy Spirit did.

In a previous blog post, I introduced readers to Fr. Wells, a client who is steadily and beautifully recovering from a stroke. During a recent session with him, both his wife, Olga, and I were overjoyed to witness continued progress with his level of flexibility as well as his attempts to walk well without a cane.

“I am beyond thrilled with his progress,” Olga wrote to me after one of my earlier sessions with her husband. “He has been doing so well, and the addition of the Friday sessions with you have been just the best. I came home today to see him walking up the street. He had taken a walk down to the river. His balance is better, his gait is better, and his confidence is like thru the roof.”

And not that I base my work on the feedback from others, but I do believe that God often speaks through others connected to our gifts to help us know if we are serving effectively.

“I don’t think you fully get how you help us,” says a participant in a fun women’s class I am blessed to teach twice a week. “You send us home as better wives and mothers.”

“Penny, you not only guide us physically but also nurture us mentally and spiritually. Thank you for all you do. You are a very special person with a special gift,” writes another ZoeHygiea participant.

So, my public prayer today on LiveLiving is that God will not only keep me in alignment with His current and future plans for the use of my gifts, but I also pray the same for you — and even those who will never see this blog.

Exercise/Prayer of the Day

Today, may we slow down to increase our intimacy with God and find a peaceful setting to take some quiet and focused time out to more effectively seek Him about being “good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serving one another with whatever gift each of us has received” (1 Peter 4:10).

And, one more thing: May we remember that the gift of the Holy Spirit is the greatest gift of all.

Let’s enjoy being active with our God-given gifts as we use them according to His plan for His glory!