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About Reverend Elizabeth Knowlton

Beth is an Episcopal priest currently service at the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta, GA. As Canon for Prayer she offers regular contemplative gatherings including retreat days, silent retreats, spiritual direction, and centering prayer.

The Practice of Forgiveness

While most Christians are in agreement that forgiveness is a necessary condition of our spiritual lives, I am not at all sure that we know how we are supposed to go about it. We desire to be forgiven when we sense a key relationship is damaged by a loss of trust or hurt, but we [...]

Silence Speaks: Listening to Hear God

My father used to introduce me when I was a child this way: "This is my daughter, Beth. She has a speech impediment. She has to breathe."  While this comment was about the rapidity with which I speak, it seems to me to be an excellent metaphor for our cultural life. It never stops to [...]

5 Ways to Find Silence and Solitude

Most of us know that we can find spiritual refreshment  through spending time in silence and solitude.  Yet  the reality of most of our lives is that of increasing busyness, increasing noise, and so much electronic engagement that we rarely honor our need for solitude.  A few strategies I have found helpful include: Have a [...]

Entering into the Grace of Silence

I'm a talker by nature. As a child, my father would say, "This is my daughter, Beth.  She has a speech impediment---she has to breathe." I grew up in the Quaker tradition, so I was used to worship including extended periods of silence. It was not a natural fit, or so I thought. Later,  I [...]

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