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Fay McLaughlin, BSc, RD, graduated from the Wayne State University Coordinated Dietetics Program in Detroit, Michigan in 1995. She has since worked for Marriott Management Services, a Michigan based women’s eating disorder clinic, W.I.C. and conducted private dietary consulting. Currently, Fay resides in Marietta, Georgia with her husband and four children. She believes that God made eating simple and gave us many wonderful foods to enjoy. Unfortunately man has altered, genetically modified, and processed foods, destroying much of God’s design. Choosing our food has become a very complex task, and, therefore, Fay presently spends her time researching, teaching and encouraging others to return to God’s eating plan.

Eating with the Season: the Benefits of Fall Foods and How they Prepare us for the Seasonal Change

Autumn, what an awesome creation by our Creator!  Along with its magnificent beauty, Fall brings in a wonderful harvest for us all to appreciate and enjoy.  As the light, refreshing fruits and vegetables of summer fade away, incoming crops provide us with a different kind of fuel.  With cooling temperatures, we need foods that generate [...]

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6 Simple Ways to Battle Bloating

Your jeans fit just a few days ago, but now they will barely zip.  Your stomach is round and swollen.  You’re feeling uncomfortable and may have pain in your abdomen, excessive gas, or constipation.  You are BLOATED. Why is that happening and what can you do about it? Bloating is very common and affects men [...]

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Detox: Restore your Health with God designed Fuel

In the last issue of LiveLiving Magazine, I wrote about the importance of putting God-designed fuel into your body.  Now, I believe it’s imperative for you to discover how to cleanse or “detox” harmful substances out of your body. God designed many exiting pathways to eliminate toxins from your body such as your lungs, liver, [...]

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Keeping the Pounds Off: Eating God’s Designed Fuel

God’s Design Your body was perfectly and intricately designed.  When you ingest God-designed fuel, your body uses every vitamin, mineral, and phytonutrient to ensure your brain and body are functioning optimally.  When you eat the foods that God intended, your immune system is strong and your hormones are in balance.  This way of eating allows [...]