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Kala’s interest in fitness began back in 2000. While working at a local personal training studio, doing anything from cleaning to marketing, she began to shadow the personal trainers. Kala holds a personal training certification through IFPA, AAAI and NASM. She also has her Associates in Science and Sports Nutrition Certification through NASM. Her passion to help people become healthy grew into her competitive nature and led her to the SNBF stage in 2007. She received her SNBF Pro card as a fitness model in 2008. November 2009 she won 1st place in the bikini division at Fame International Championships in Miami, FL. After taking her own personal training to a whole new level she decided to turn her career into coaching other women to do the same. She now creates customized nutrition and training programs online for any woman looking to take their physique to the next level. When she isn’t in the gym she is spending time with her Husband, Mitchell and playing with her four legged kids.

Utilizing Tempo and Breath in Exercising

So, you’ve been exercising consistently for the past few months. You used to get sore and your workout used to be such a struggle. It’s great that those things are not happening anymore because that means you have progressed and become stronger! But, to continue to get results in the gym you need to apply [...]

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Stronger Glutes Stronger Back

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, glutes are a very important to the stabilization and balance of the body. Lack of glute strength is a major cause of lower back pain. In addition, sitting for long hours at work is also a major contributor to weak gluteal muscles.   Below, is a sample workout that will help [...]

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Metabolic Circuit: It’s time to burn FAT!

What does it mean to be metabolic? The term "metabolic" is often used to refer specifically to the breakdown of food and its transformation into energy. The summer is fast approaching and that means the layers are beginning to come off. Below is a great fat burning exercise/routine that will help you feel confident in [...]

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Creating Sculpted Shoulder-Part II

Part II Summer is coming. The days are getting slightly warmer. Are you going to wait until the hot summer days roll around to work on your shoulders? Why not start now? By the time summer begins, you will have those rounded shoulders to accesorize that beautiful summer dress or those broad shoulders in that [...]

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At Home Shoulder Workout

Aesthetically, strong, round, toned shoulders immediately give the illusion of a small waist...who doesn'’t want that, right? If only it were THAT easy. Gaining any type of “tone” requires resistance training. Contrary to popular belief, acquiring strong, toned shoulders (or any area of the body) isn'’t as easy as lifting 3lb weights for 3 sets [...]

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Ideas for Cooking Holiday Meals from a Fitness Expert

Appropriate planning will not only save you from adding extra pounds this holiday season, but also help your budget. Many healthy versions of holiday favorites have fewer ingredients compared to their higher fat and more ingredient counterparts. Holidays scream social activities! I’m sure your friends will also thank you for bring delicious items to their [...]

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Top Six Exercises That Work

As a professional fitness model and personal trainer, I work out and train clients to get results.  Here are five of my favorite exercises that target  specific muscles in the body for the purpose of toning and keeping away fat in certain areas that are proned.  These exercises can be done in the gym or at home with weights or creative apparatus, such [...]

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