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Kirby Runyon is a graduate student in geology at Temple University where his research focuses on the roll of water on Mars. His bachelor's degree in physics from Houghton College stemmed from a lifelong love of wanting to understand God's creation--especially that creation in space. He exudes enthusiasm about sharing his love of the space sciences and Christian faith with others.

My ‘Humble’ Lessons from Astronomy on Humility

As a graduate student in the space sciences, I’ve learned a thing or two about humility. Namely, that to succeed in my career, I need a good dose of it. We scientists can have pretty large egos—if you’ve ever seen the character of Leonard Hofstadter in the CBS sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory,”  you know [...]

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Mars and the God we Still Trust

You may have heard of the August landing on Mars of NASA’s rover named Curiosity. The rover will look for signs that Mars may once have been habitable by Martian germs. In the rover’s incredible lineup of instruments, it boasts 17 cameras in different positions on the rover. Of those cameras, there is one that [...]

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Intelligent Creative Design

I believe the Universe and Earth, in particular, where complex life like us can exist—are so creatively designed that perhaps the Intelligent Design movement isn’t quite on track: Creative Design better gets at the heart of God’s involvement with his own creation. I marvel that it takes a whole Universe (most or all of which [...]

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Breathing Planet

“Breathing” conjures thoughts of inhalation of pure, refreshing oxygen. But it should also remind us of exhalation—of getting rid of carbon dioxide—which would otherwise accumulate in our cells and poison us. So, breathing does two things: It increases the goodness of our lives by bringing us oxygen, and it also decreases the badness of life [...]

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The Sun: A Sabbath Walk in the Sunshine

The days of creation mentioned in Genesis 1 and 2 deal with God’s purposeful, creative acts, but what about Day 7? What did God create on the 7th day? Scripture tells us he rested, yet he was still exercising his creative power—by resting he created the very concept of rest, or Sabbath. Most Christians officially [...]

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Mars Rock

This past summer, I was blessed to have an internship in association with NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Near the end of my 10 week internship, my group and I participated in an in-depth tour of NASA’s meteorite curation facility. This pristine laboratory contains tens of thousands of meteorites collected from around [...]

The Heavens on Display Part II

Every other issue I like to walk you through some awe-inspiring views of different parts of God’s Cosmos. May these views of the heavens truly turn our gaze heavenward. Space shuttle Atlantis re-enters the atmosphere during the Space Shuttle Program’s 135th and final flight. An astronaut on the International Space Station took this nighttime image [...]

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Optimistic Outlooks

Shackleton crater may be a future landing site, and it’s located almost exactly at the Moon’s south pole (cross hairs). Image Credit: NASA/Arizona State University. This summer I am working as an intern at NASA and the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, TX. I will be studying the moon but the majority of my [...]

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The Heavens on Display

It'’s time again for a photographic walk through the Solar System and view God's heavens on display! Remember, God is a God of beauty, and through our advanced technology we'’re able to see what His creation is like in other parts of the Solar System. Where in the Solar System is this? While astronauts are [...]

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More Space for the Christian Perspective

Christian astronaut Charlie Duke collecting geological samples by a small crater on the Moon. You can see the lunar rover behind him on the far side of the crater. He, along with fellow astronaut John Young, explored the lunar Descartes Highlands in 1972. "Image credit: NASA/Charlie Duke Since the end of the Apollo manned Moon [...]

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