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Maya J.T. Tolbert is a vocalist, writer, and spoken word artist. She has spoken and ministered both nationally and internationally for a variety of audiences as a solo artist as well as with recording artists Destiny Praise, Destinations, and Babbie Mason. She currently serves as the Magnification (Worship) Director at Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church (Atlanta, GA) where she has the opportunity to combine her gifts and talents to creatively collaborate in ministry.

Liberate Your Soul: Choose to Forgive!

We hold on when we should let go Rewinding only to find This should have ended long ago We dig in our heels when we should move on Going tit for tat Fighting over this and that When people mean more than things And things, Well, they'’re just things See in order to get you’'ve [...]

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Back to Basics

How did I get here?...29 years old and planning my mother’s funeral!  This has GOT to be unreal!  Yet here I was, scavenging through mounds of pictures trying to summarize her life in the form of a program and an obituary.  Cousin Tara’s graduation…Uncle Paul’s 50th birthday celebration…My niece Laila’s first day of school…Suddenly it [...]

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