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Paula Wynn resides in Hampton, Virginia. She is a teacher by profession and a student of the Word by choice. Paula is a mentor whose greatest desire is to motivate others to push through the hurdles of opposition and experience the joy of fulfilled dreams.

21 Things for a Christian to Do While Fasting

Now that the holidays are over and the feasting has added several inches to the waistline, it'’s time to tune up both physically and spiritually. Thoroughly convinced that we need to push back from the table, we seek to expend more time and energy developing other aspects of our being —giving the mouth and digestive [...]

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How do you Spell JOY

Your baby'’s smile.  The sparkle in a lover’'s eyes. Achieving a long sought after goal or the return of a loved one from some distant place. Maybe it'’s a simple card or token of appreciation, “just because”.  All these things cause the heart to flutter and warmth to permeate our being. We beam with delight, [...]

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Cleaning Out the Clutter

Feeling overwhelmed and can't see your way out of the demands that clutter your life?  Sometimes in our microwave society, where everything is push button ready, it seems impossible to imagine that we can manage our time, stay one step ahead of things, and still have an enjoyable life. In the movie “Multiplicity”, Michael Keaton [...]

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Smell the Healing Power of God

Aromatic oils and perfumes have been essential in the lives of people since the days of antiquity. In biblical times, these ointments and perfumes were very significant for worship, burial, and fragrance. Moses was commanded by the Lord to take sweet spices and make incense for the priests to use during worship in the Tabernacle [...]

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Deserting Desserts

humSometimes adolescents can be so delightful and their perspective quite refreshing, but at other times, they can be painfully and brutally honest. For months, I had noticed my curvaceous body beginning to round out a little. Though this caused me a little anxiety, I procrastinated about doing anything to reverse the impending doom which loomed [...]

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