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Penny Powell, a native of Bermuda, lives in Jacksonville, Florida and enjoys assisting others with moving and slowing down to increase their intimacy with Jesus Christ. Her wellness classes fall under a concept referred to as ZoeHygiea, which means Life and Health. Penny holds a master's degree in Humanities with a focus in Journalism from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and a bachelor's degree in Human Services from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts.

Body & Soul Restoration: Retreating at home with Pietra Fitness (Part 1 of 3)

A body-and-soul retreat is about to take place in the privacy of my home. This restorative experience will be led by Pietra Fitness®, a Christ-centered wellness program, using a DVD called “Restoration”. It is a program designed for those who seek full integration of the mind, body, and soul. As Pietra Fitness explains, "We stretch [...]

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Alone with God

It's early morning as I feel the warmth of God in my heart and soul, and through my loved ones. I'm sitting alone in my family room, snuggled in a cozy spa robe that my husband gifted to me. My laptop rests on my lap on top of the "Live Laugh Love" lap pad my [...]

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Move, Just Move!

Just as the body knows when it's thirsty and needs water, my body knew my arms were thirsting for some push-ups and other upper-body exercises these past couple days. I was experiencing a limp-like feeling in my arms, and it seemed pretty obvious that my arms were saying, "Work me!" While I definitely exercise regularly, [...]

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What Will It Take to Get your Attention?

What would it take to get your attention? A burning bush with green leaves? An appearance of an angel? Does God still give you and me signs like He did with Moses, Joseph, or Paul? I guess the only way to know is to pay attention. To pay attention requires awareness and alertness. It requires [...]

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Integrating Dance into your Faith and Health

At what turned out to be a "Dance, Stretch & Relax" class I taught to seniors at an assisted-living facility last week, I couldn't help but notice how the 80-and-90-something-year-old participants came alive in a really big way immediately upon moving their bodies. Apparently, before our class began, the seniors had just finished sitting through [...]

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Are We Using Our Gifts As God Intended?

The morning of July 4th, 2015, I'm using my laptop at my kitchen table, a place I don't typically sit for laptop matters. This day, however, it is there that I return to LiveLiving's Facebook page to meditate on this post for a bit: I eventually remove myself from the kitchen table for a moment. [...]

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Is it Faith-based or Christ-centered?

A business owner recently read through my resume and called me to set up an interview for the part-time work opportunity she had available. While we were on the phone scheduling that meeting, she stated, "There's one thing I want to ask you about now." Turns out, she was curious about what "faith-based" means on the [...]

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Don’t Forget to Sweat

How is it that something that can make us feel so dirty on the outside helps us feel so incredibly clean on the inside? Yes, I'm talking about that good ol' sweaty sweat! In a "Sweat It Out!" article by Lizette Borreli  on Medical Daily, it says that "researchers believe sweat analysis could be considered [...]

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Food 101: Think Before You Eat

Pastor Mike Shreve recently addressed the importance of lining up with our Master Chef's nutrition plan for keeping our bodies healthy, because "we are called to be good stewards over this dwelling place of God by doing everything within our power to keep it healthy." On Shreve Ministries' Facebook page, he wrote: "I tell those [...]

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