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About Rabbi Gavriel Moreno-Bryars

Rabbi Gavri’el is the Sr. Rabbi at Congregation Beth Ha’Mashiach. He has a Masters Degree in Messianic Theology from MBI. For more information go to http://www.cbhm.org.

God’s Light for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

Light – “Or” in Hebrew represents the presence of G-d.  It represents His Sh'kenah Glory (The visible presence of G-d).  Our Messiah is the Sh'kenah of G-d, His visible presence given to the world to show us the way to live and the way to Him.  Just as humans need sunlight for physical and mental [...]

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A Rabbi’s Commentary on Same-Sex Marriage

This topic is seemingly on everyone’s lips. The reactions vary from jubilation to anger and despair. How should we react? The fact is there are many opinions, some we agree with and many we don’t. This was discussed in length two weeks ago right after the Supreme Court ruling at www.cyber-synagoge.com. Below are some thoughts from [...]

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Why We Need Reconciliation

Reconciliation—to be reconciled, to a person, a group, even a family.  We often think in terms of forgiveness; however, forgiveness and reconciliation too often do not go together in our lives.  HaShem (G-d) offers both forgiveness and reconciliation.  He calls upon us to “forgive those who trespass (or sin) against us.”  So what is reconciliation?  [...]

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Words: The Power of Life and Death are in the Tongue

As children we are taught “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  While that is a nice thought and an effort to protect our children from the damage words can cause, is it true?  Biblically, the answer is no. We are taught that Life and Death are in the [...]

Sex and Sexuality: A Blessing or a Curse

Sex and Sexuality. Many believers treat this subject as taboo or forbidden.  This attitude can be very destructive in our lives and our children’'s. As with most things in this world, sex and sexuality can be either holy or an abomination. The difference is in how we treat it and how we practice it. Let’'s [...]

Shalom: The Meaning of Health and Wellness

Shalom, such a simple word, yet encompassing such a profound meaning.  Most English versions translate it as “peace”; unfortunately, that word does not convey its fullness. In the Hebrew, the noun ???? (shalom) comes from the verb ??? (Sh.L.M). The verb shalam means to "restore" in the sense of replacing or providing what is needed [...]

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Anger: A Misunderstood Concept

Anger is a very misunderstood concept in the believing community. Just last week Christianity Today and some supporting publications talked about “Trusting the G-d of Genocide” and reconciling the G-d of the Old and New Testaments.  This separating G-d into “testaments” and implying G-d somehow changed honestly got me angry.  So was my anger wrong?  [...]

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Biblical Foundation of Kosher : An Act of Love and Devotion- Part 3

To recap, we began this series on Kosher introducing and discussing Kosher as a healthy alternative. In part 1 of our series on Kosher, we then looked at  what foods are considered Kosher, when to eat them, and what is used to prepare the kosher products.  In part 2, we examined how kosher items are [...]

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Humility: The Path to Healing

In typical Rabbi fashion, we will begin with a question. Are you ready?  Say the first thing that comes to your mind – What was the first sin? Times up – Did you say eating the fruit in Gan Eden (Garden of Eden).  If so, great choice, but there was one sin that occurred even [...]

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Kosher for Health-Part 2 (Steps to Kosher)

People are becoming more and more aware of what they eat and drink and how it impacts them -- both physically and mentally. Many start eating kosher for health reasons. In our last article, we looked at  foods that are considered kosher, when we eat them, and what is used to prepare the kosher products.  [...]

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