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Tonya Mitchell is the Director of Ace Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute located in Herndon, Virginia. In 1997 Tonya accepted a Division II Collegiate Basketball Scholarship from Virginia Intermont College, in Bristol Virginia where she received a Bachelors of Science Degree, with a major in Sports Medicine and a Minor Sports Management. In 2003 she became a certified Athletic Trainer in Virginia Beach, VA where she trained athletes at both the high school and college level in sports. These sporting events included basketball, baseball, soccer, track & field, and football. After Three years of training athletes in the local gym, one of whom was eight times Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray. Tonya completed her Doctoral Degree of Physical Therapy from Hampton University in Virginia. Tonya has now been providing comprehensive physical therapy services to men and women ranging from grade-school through the geriatric population for six successful years. As a certified athletic trainer, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy she uses experience in both disciplines to help people overcome functional limitations experienced in the activities of everyday life. Tonya served as the fitness columnist for LiveLiving from 2009-2012. She is the fitness advisor.

Why, God, are You Angry with Me?

Anxiety!  Have you ever had an anxiety attack?  I had never had an anxiety attack until the ordinary day that turned my life inside out.  I was on my lunch break, and my husband and I were on our way to my 10-week OB/GYN appointment.  I went into the checkup with a positive pregnancy test [...]

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5 Exercises for a Confident Looking Posture

What does your posture say about you? When you are feeling confident about yourself, you tend to hold your head a little higher, pull your shoulders back and have a little pep in your step. On the contrary, when you are feeling low, or the view of how you see yourself is negative, then you [...]

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Self Esteem Uncovered

Growing up I found my self esteem in playing basketball. At a very young age, I began playing basketball. Because of my height, I became very valuable to my team.  I found myself working very hard on a day to day basis to be the best player I could be.  Thirteen years later, I graduated [...]

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Couch Potato Commercial Work Out

September is Cholesterol awareness month. Most of the time we are walk around with high cholesterol and may not even know it.  As a child when I was in the sixth grade I was diagnosed with high cholesterol having levels well above 400. That is something an 11 year old should not think about and [...]

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Stair Workout

No Excuses! You can do these stair exercises almost anywhere. Stair Workout! 1.Run up / jog down 2. Lunge-Take two steps at a time 3. Stair Jumps-Stand facing bottom of staircase. Squat down and jump up steps using a double arm swing. Upon landing, immediately jump up steps again. 4. Side step up cross over - Feet [...]

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5 Fitness Ideas for a Creative Workout

Just as God made each one of us unique and individual, underneath the surface we are all composed of the same muscles, organs, and bones.  In our many different personalities, it is fair to say that we all don’t like working out the same way.  In today’s society there is always a new fad coming [...]

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Different Breathing Techniques for Running, Swimming and Weight Training

Breathing itself is used as a calming exercise.  Each breath you take results in the inhalation of air (oxygen) and the exhalation of air (carbon dioxide).  Oxygen is transported throughout the body by blood to all parts of your body.  Breathing, an action we perform each second without thought, is very significant to the operation [...]

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Burn your Holiday Calories with These Exercises

These exercises are designed to burn calories and rev up your metabolism.  Perform each exercise for 20 seconds. It is important that you do not stop in between the exercises until you have completed a FULL circuit or all of the exercises. The exercises are to be performed in the following order: 1. Jumping Jacks 2. [...]