159fc61fd0fc009a5ca070136f874aef_LFirst, we wish to thank you all for your amazing support of LiveLiving the past five years. Thank you to all who have been with LiveLiving from its early stages, helping it grow. Thank you to all who stopped by regularly to read our articles in Transformational Living and to all who stumbled upon them from time to time. Thank you to all who shared this magazine with others. Thank you to all who donated your expertise, time, and knowledge to making LiveLiving a success. We thank you all for supporting the vision of LiveLiving as we worked to present a holistic picture of health and wellness that incorporates the body, mind and spirit.

For five years we successfully published the LiveLiving magazine online. However, today the need for a health and wellness magazine with the unconventional focus of Transformational Living has grown. People are being inundated with health and wellness information. Many of them would like someone to take the time to sift through the information to identify and synthesize the best material, and then present it to them in a way that they can use it to promote their wellbeing as people of faith. This is what Transformational Living does.

Therefore, we have decided to expand the reach and scope of LiveLiving by becoming a nonprofit organization – LiveLiving International Foundation. LiveLiving International Foundation’s goal is to educate, encourage, and empower its community to live purposefully, intentionally and consciously in the present, and to experience a healthy life according to the original design of God.

In order to accomplish this goal, we need to attract more skilled writers, advisors, and office staff and develop this website . And we need YOU! We need you to donate to this cause.

Won’t you join us in transforming lives?

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