In this interview with Dr. Marc Ellis of Georgia Chiropract ic Neurology Center,we learn how our body posture affects the area of our brain responsible for our emot ions. Truly, the body is, undoubtedly, interconnected. Dr. Marc Ellis presents a rare combinat ion of healing skills that reflect an inborn talent to restore the human body. His ongoing work in the field of Chiropract ic Neurology, coupled with years of experience in neuromuscular therapy, enable him to restore t issues on mult iple levels. Addressing the under lying connect ive t issue has yielded dramat ic results in chronic cases.

Dr. Ellis has learned the intricate relationship between the brain and pain, learning disabilities and balance disorders. Many doctors locally, nat ionally and internat ionally have refer red difficult patients for treatment with exceptional results.

Dr. Marc Ellis on Posture and its Connection to Healthy Emotions from LiveLiving on Vimeo.