The story of Pro Educators Plus started at a “Life Focus” class at World Harvest Church, in Roswell, Georgia. While sitting in that class, little did I know that a year later, I would have written proposals on how to improve education in Africa. Little did I know that a year later, I would have visited Africa to give a presentation on how to improve education. The needs in Africa are as diverse as the continent.  Some countries need food and shelter, while others have developed to the level of needing formal education.

At the life focus class, the question” if money was not an issue, what would you do for God?” was asked.   As a first generation immigrant from Africa I know, without any doubt, that if money was not an issue, I would love to improve education in Africa. With this in mind, I started making phone calls to African educators teaching here in the United States to discuss the situation of formal education in Africa.  I got an overwhelming response that there is a great need for improvement.

I took the next step which was to visit Africa to do a needs assessment of the educational system.  I invited a dear friend of mine, Diane Tizzano, a true woman of God who has a heart for missions and imparting knowledge.  Diane has taught in Cleveland, Ohio for over 20 years.  While in Nigeria, we visited eight schools, conducted needs assessment of the schools by interacting with students, teachers, heads of schools, decision makers and other stakeholders.  We also donated teaching materials.  We then presented our proposal, which was well received and we were asked to come back and help train teaching professionals on how to use innovative pedagogy in presenting the Nigerian grade school curriculum.

We came back to the United States and formed a non-profit organization: Pro Educators Plus Inc.  The mission of our organization is to re-train teaching professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa. The organization was launched in January, 2011.  Currently, we are developing the curriculum that will be used for training.   It has been a most rewarding and fulfilling experience knowing that we can evangelize as well as give young Africans the liberating tool of education.  We can use this holistic method to eliminate poverty in developing countries.

The needs are great and so we need laborers for God’s harvest of souls and minds.  If you are reading this article and feel led to join our team, please go to our website at  Read about us and what we doing and please feel free to contact us.