Our home planet has many unique features that make it possible for us to survive and thrive in this universe. Earth’s average distance from the Sun (about 93 million miles), puts us in a location where liquid water can exist. Liquid water is essential to our continued existence. A little closer to the Sun and all our water would boil away, such as in the case of Venus. Our atmosphere shields us from gamma rays, X-rays and other harmful radiation that comes toward Earth. Furthermore, it also provides the chemicals we need for life. Less massive planets lack the gravitational force to hold on to their atmosphere. Consequently, they are subject to losing their gases to the vacuum of space. This leaves them exposed to radiation and without a breathable atmosphere. Earth truly is an oasis where the details are just right for life. While it is very likely that we will eventually find other Earth-like planets, it is humbling to think about all that we are given.  When our days get busy, and our minds are burdened, we should remember the perfect balance the Lord has set up for us. We should also take great comfort in a Lord who has no trouble finding just the right balance for life despite all the variables.