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After competing for 7 years as an athlete in the sport of bodybuilding and working as a personal trainer, I have come to realize that living a healthy life requires body, mind and spirit. There is no fixed formula for living a healthy life, especially since each of us is different. However, there are principles God, himself, has set out for us to follow. These principles give us life; they sustain us; they protect our health physically, mentally and spiritually. These guiding lights are actually in God’s 10 Commandments. You may ask, what do these commandments teach us about our health and well being? You will be amazed to know that they teach us everything. God’s teachings instruct our entire life on how to live the abundant life!

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This study makes us aware of keeping the temple healthy so we’re better able to serve the Lord. For me, the study wasn’t about weight; it’s about combating the negative talk I hear within and from others.
Celia, Iowa
My take on the bible study is that it’s for more than just weight loss. This study is helping me incorporate other positive aspects of what God is doing in my life, a springboard into the life He has for me. Also, we look for love in other areas rather than from God, when we need to be healthy more than just physically. I know how to eat clean, lose weight, pray, but what I’ve done so far hasn’t been working for me. This bible study did this for me, not necessarily just walking with Him through weight loss but the whole aspect of being healthy and well.
Joanne, Atlanta
I’ve tried everything out there in the world to lose weight, from Weight Watchers to potential Lap Band surgery, only to fall back into the same old failing habits. This study is the first one I’ve found as a believer in Jesus Christ that offered that glimmer of light of hope in the battle ever before me. It not only opened my eyes to the strength of the Lord to overcome the food addiction but to see the ‘me’ my Father created me to be (Psalm 139: 13-16).
Marilyn, Iowa
What a wonderful book! In January of this year I found out that I had Diabetes. I was very discouraged and distraught because I had to change the very diet that I loved. I lost 21 pounds before joining this bible study group. As of completing this study I have lost another 20 pounds. I realized that I did place food before God. I was not spiritually and physically in balance. After 12 weeks with this study I learned the 10 commandments and I am more at peace with myself because the Lord is my strength! Thank you Etta Dale! This bible study is well worth it and I would recommend it to everyone!
Barbara, Kentucky

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