Some Hard Things to Forgive

Can you imagine being the one responsible for your child’s death? Can you fathom living through that–let alone forgiving yourself for it?  It must seem impossible. King David was directly responsible for the untimely death of his newborn baby.  You might know the story: He stayed back at the palace when his men went to battle; and during that time he saw the wife of one of the soldiers bathing on her rooftop. David’s lust for her drove him to steal her away and have sex with her; and she became pregnant with his child.  When she told the King she was pregnant, David schemed to bring her husband home from the war to get him to sleep with his wife so that he would think the child was his.  When that didn’t work, he plotted to have the husband placed on the frontlines of the battle and he was killed.

David’s actions greatly displeased the Lord, and He sent a messenger to David saying: Nevertheless, because by this deed you have utterly scorned the Lord and given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme, the child that is born to you shall surely die( II Samuel 12:14 AMP). The child became very sick, and David prayed and fasted on the floor for seven days until the baby died. Because of what you did your child must die.  I can’t imagine anything worse than that.  How do you get over that and move on?

You may have read stories or heard news clips about people accidentally backing over their child with a vehicle, or driving drunk and crashing, or being unable to get to their child in a burning house and the child dies. Or, you may have experienced such a trauma yourself and do not know how to forgive yourself for it.

The soul-ache in such situations is tangible – the loss and the blame are felt so deeply that your bones, joints, and heart scream.