Walking is incredible!! I feel I have just discovered something so simple—something that has been with me all my life and I never took real notice of it. It feels like I have been looking for my glasses and only to find them sitting on top of my head. That’s walking. It is the most natural movement of the body that engages all the muscles including the heart and the lungs. Walking also relaxes the mind, and, as a result, allows us to connect with our inner being and God more readily. Despite its documented physical, mental and spiritual benefits, the value of walking is underrated by even some of the fittest athletes.

I remember when I started competitive bodybuilding, I thought walking was too easy. Walking was fine for people who were overweight, but, for me, I needed something more rigorous, I thought.

When it comes to cardio training, I think many people also feel they have to do a more physically demanding exercise, like sprinting, Stairclimbing, or Crossfit. These type of exercises certainly do work the body harder. And there is nothing wrong with desiring a more physically engaging activity. We all have to challenge ourselves in different ways and stimulate our bodies in order to get the results we want. However, we can still all benefit by walking more. Adding a couple extra steps can make us all healthier. We are a sit down generation. As a result, we can cancel out the benefits of exercise even if we exercise everyday. Walking is natural to the body.

Walking is so natural that it can reveal information about our health. Examine the walking infographic below:

This infographic shows how our walk can reveal information about our health and wellness.

The way we walk certainly says a lot about our physical, mental and emotional state.

Walking slows us down in a good way, reducing our busyness that creates noise within us. We see more and become more aware of life around us enabling us to hear in the silence. Though walking on the treadmill has its rewards as well, a nature walk does wonders for the body, mind and spirit. Walking is physical. Walking is mental. Walking is spiritual. If there is one important exercise that we should ensure that we do well for the rest of our life, it is walking. Can we all increase our activity level by walking a little more? What about taking a walk during lunch? What about walking the dog? What about going hiking, or taking a Saturday or Sunday walk? There is something so basic and freeing to our being about walking. Could it be that it reminds us of that sacred passage that says, “When the cool evening breezes were blowing, the man and his wife heard the LORD God walking about in the garden” ?