Are you at peace with your body?

Before you answer, consider this. One of the most popular definitions of peace is Freedom from or the cessation of war or violence and freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility (Google dictionary).

So what would the opposite of peace look like for you? A war or battle, fight or dispute, conflict, disturbances like stress, anger, disappointment, false expectation and dissatisfaction.

Do you experience any of these emotions when you look at your body?
Go and stand in front of the mirror. Look at yourself. See what thoughts come to your mind. Are those thoughts loving, uplifting and peaceful?

If not, here are some simple and easy steps to growing a peaceful relationship with your body.

1. Practice positive self-talk

We can have no peace where anger is expressed, so practice talking kindly about your body!

2. Celebrate your unique design

We are all different. Wishing or expecting your body to be like someone else’s is a way of playing God. This attitude shows that you believe your opinions of yourself are more valid than the way God designed you. Try to notice and discover the unique design and purposes God has for your body. Don’t try to be the best someone else, try to be the best you!

3. Put down the bat

Your body is God’s masterpiece. Therefore, stop criticizing it and being cruel to it! How can you expect to experience peace if you are harsh and unloving toward your body? Be kind to yourself and your body!

4. Turn it over

Trust God with this area of your life. Trust that He purposed to design you as He did. Lean on God and talk to Him about your fears, struggles and disappointments with your self-image and body. Ask God to change your heart and to help you to see your design the way He intended.