Is the social media redefining our relationships?

Remember the story about the frog in the kettle? Put the frog in hot water and it immediately jumps out. Put the frog in cold water and gradually turn up the heat, and the frog is slowly cooked. Are we like the frog that was so comfortable in its environment it didn’t realize it was being cooked? Social media is the new kettle. More than 40 years ago, Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message” and predicted that technology would redefine human interactions and provide people with the tools to create a global village. Are we aware of how social media is changing the way we relate to one another? Are we equipped to deal with the changes? Pamela Havey Lau shows us how we can avoid the deleterious effects of social media and remain true to one another and thus true in our relationship with God. Because relationships are important to God, they should also be important to us.