Power of WordsIn August/September issue of Transformational Living magazine, we presented about ten articles on various aspects of this subject. Together, these articles show us how to use our words to bring about wellness in our lives. But sometimes we can miss the tree for the forest. Even though we’ve read about the power of words, we still don’t quite know how to tap into this power. Here is a snapshot of the key concepts to guide you.

Words begin as thoughts. Thoughts are words inside the mind. Cultivate positive thoughts and then you’d begin to speak positive words.

The most powerful words about your life come from the Word of God. Speak the Word of God when you talk to others and when you talk to God.
Respect the power of your tongue:
Use it to bring life where there is death;
hope where there is despair;
vision where there is frustration;
love where there is hatred;
unity where there is division;
peace where there is animosity;
laughter where there is sadness;
relief where there is pain;
friendship where there is loneliness,
and courage where there is rejection.

Respecting the power of the tongue also means knowing when to be silent. Practice silence.
Imitate God. Shape your destiny by speaking into being the good things you want for your life. But, first, let His Holy Spirit reveal your purpose to you.

It is as important to show love in your words as it is in your deeds. Speak with love, especially to your children.
Think right words. Speak right words. Now write words. Writing helps you to understand what you are experiencing and what you are feeling. This understanding clears the path for healing and wholeness.

Stop all negative self-talk. Speak to yourself as God speaks to you—through words of love.
Be well.