10 Reasons Jicama Is A Must-Have

I’m a crisp-textured, almost turnip-shaped root vegetable or tuber. I have a tough brown skin on the outside, but my white flesh on the inside is like a water chestnut.  10 Facts about the Jicama Hi, my name is Jicama. It is pronounced “hee-ca-ma”. I am originally from Mexico. That makes me a Mexican potato [...]

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The Amazing Kohlrabi!

It’s amazing that there are so many different vegetables and fruits, yet we limit ourselves to just a few of them. I am a creature of habit. I can eat basically the same food every day. Recently, however, I have been exploring the local farmer’s market. I find it exciting. There are as many different vegetables [...]

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The Beauty of the Watermelon Radish

Look what I found at my latest trip to the farmer's market. Watermelon Radish! Have you ever purchased a vegetable because of its appearance? I bought the watermelon radish because it was so pretty!!! Its beauty is truly amazing. Looking like a green turnip on the outside, its inner beauty is stunning! When sliced, it [...]

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