10 Reasons Jicama Is A Must-Have

I’m a crisp-textured, almost turnip-shaped root vegetable or tuber. I have a tough brown skin on the outside, but my white flesh on the inside is like a water chestnut.  10 Facts about the Jicama Hi, my name is Jicama. It is pronounced “hee-ca-ma”. I am originally from Mexico. That makes me a Mexican potato [...]

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Create the Natural Pharmacy in your Kitchen

One of the amazing attributes of God is his love he shows for humanity through nature. He placed his healing powers within plants. Plants have the ability to restore health and to prevent diseases. So when we think of plants, they are not simply foods but also medicines. These live foods “contain substances that produce pharmacological [...]

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The Transformation of the Carnivore

This is my third day on a juice fast.  After failing miserably for two years, I finally figured out that a water fast will just not cut it.  Actually, this is the fast that I hope will launch me into my vegetarian lifestyle.  Well, at least mostly vegetarian.  I have been a carnivore for far [...]

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