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3 Reasons The Care of Your Body Is Essential To Your Faith

The rabbis claim that the purpose of a healthy body is to gain wisdom. I believe the purpose of a healthy body is also to nurture compassion. Both wisdom and compassion heal the soul of the individual and the community. These virtues—wisdom and compassion—enable individuals and communities to thrive healthily and in harmony. So the [...]

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Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Science now proves that there is a mind-body connection. But the Bible has always gone further to say that there is a mind-body-spirit connection: "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7 KJV). Guard your heart Over the years, the approach to health care has changed tremendously.  For example, there are [...]

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“Gratitude is the Key”

A light bulb went on when I texted those words to a friend: “Gratitude is actually the key”. She had just started jogging for the first time in her adult life. She was doing increments of 3 minutes running and walking. She said she was just learning to be thankful for the small steps. Celebrating the [...]

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Spiritual Secrets of the Heart, Kara Davis, M.D.

Heart disease continues to be the # 1 killer for both men and women in the United States despite the gains made in science or the medical profession. We have been told to lose weight because obesity is one of the risk factors. We have been told to stop smoking because smoking is a risk [...]

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Finding Health and Balance through Harmonious Eating

Everyone knows that we live in an “instant society” where instant results and instant responses are expected. One would be hard-pressed to find a person between the ages of 8 and 78 who has not been affected by our hurried American western lifestyle. Most of us live a treadmill, hurried and rushed life without balance. [...]

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Making Peace with Your Body: Three + 1 Step

Are you at peace with your body? Before you answer, consider this. One of the most popular definitions of peace is Freedom from or the cessation of war or violence and freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility (Google dictionary). So what would the opposite of peace look like for you? A war or battle, fight [...]

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The Body God’s Glory

  Nature displays the glory of God, and, likewise, our bodies are also created to display God’s glory (1 Corinthians 6:13).  This statement certainly puts the body in a different light from a body that is evil or bad. It is our human nature that has the propensity to sin. Hence, Paul admonishes us to [...]

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The Body Inherently Evil

"For years the body has been viewed as inherently evil—a vessel we had to live in until it returned from whence it came. Yet, this is the same body in which the Holy Spirit of God lives. The Apostle Paul calls it the “temple” which we were to honor because of its purpose." Click here to [...]

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What Are You Waiting For?

Tomorrow may never come. What is wrong with Today? Make a decision and stick to it. How many times have you said, I will start on Monday or I will start in January. Well, guess what? It is the New Year and TODAY is your day! GET STARTED! The mind is powerful. Trust me. I [...]

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