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The Broccoli Chic

Last Thursday I saw her from the distance as she came in the door with a walk of confidence. The full length dress coat was “fly” and designer bag swinging on her shoulder made her look classy, but in her right hand was a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. Suddenly she didn’t look all that [...]

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Tips On How To Manage Your Weight

I would hear it all the time around the office and I even heard my mother say it a few times, “I don’t know why I am holding on to all this weight. I really don’t eat that much.” Most of my colleagues who struggled to manage their weight skipped breakfast, snacked on junk food, [...]

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Burn Calories with the Clean Hang

Name: Paul Mitchell Role: ePersonal Trainer Favorite weight training exercise: Clean Hang Why the clean hang? Because not only is it a total body exercise, which tends to allow the body to burn more calories and produce more of the body's natural growth hormones, but it also forces you to move the weight at a [...]

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Emotional Eating

In college one of my roommates was always stressed the night before a test. We had chemistry, statistics, and abnormal psychology classes together. Statistics seemed the most challenging for us to study. As quickly as the class term had started, we wanted it to be over. Many times we would study all night before an [...]

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Food Demons at the Office

Wednesday morning I impatiently waited in the break room while my food heated in the microwave. I was having chicken, brown rice and steamed collard greens. Yes, I know it’s not the typical breakfast, but I like starting the day with vegetables, lean protein, and quality carbohydrates. While I continued to wait on the microwave [...]

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Four Health and Weight Loss Tips to Help You Stay on Track

If health and wellness is your goal or weight loss, these four tips will help you stay on track. They are simple but not necessarily easy to achieve. But if you stay committed and make small changes such as these four suggestions, you can achieve your health and wellness and/or  weight loss goal.   Soft [...]

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