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Journey to Wholeness Spiritual Hike

There are some emotions we don’t have to learn: fear, sadness, and anger, for example. We seemed to have been born with them.  Then there are others, which we seemed to have to learn such as empathy, gratitude and wonder.  Wonder, in particular, is best cultivated in nature. It’s the natural response to the beauty [...]

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In Search of the Heart, David Allen, M.D.

David F. Allen, M.D., ©1993, p.237 Some books are meant to be read once. Then there are others that are meant to be kept nearby, like reference materials. These are the types of books that if you were to loan them out, you won’t get them back. Such is the case with In Search of [...]

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Preparing for Resistance

I have used resistance training for most of my adulthood to strengthen myself physically. But, little did I know that, for me, this type of training would also contribute to my mental and spiritual development. Over the years, I have come to realize that the resistance we impose on ourselves through physical exercise, for example, [...]

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