How Do You Want to Age?

You’re going to your high school reunion and you want to look fabulous. But your back ache seems to have become your new best friend. Every day that you look in the mirror, you’re reminded that change is inevitable, and with change, comes loss. Too often aging is characterized by limited mobility, pain, loss of [...]

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3 Tips to Lose Weight this Summer

Their story is similar to that of many others. My coworker, Patsy, 34, and her husband John, 37, had eaten poorly and avoided exercise until they received a wake-up call. Patsy had been gaining weight since her high school days. By her 20s, she was eating out regularly and worked a sedentary job which didn’t [...]

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Food Demons at the Office

Wednesday morning I impatiently waited in the break room while my food heated in the microwave. I was having chicken, brown rice and steamed collard greens. Yes, I know it’s not the typical breakfast, but I like starting the day with vegetables, lean protein, and quality carbohydrates. While I continued to wait on the microwave [...]

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The Family on the Endangered List

I was six years old when my great grandfather and great grandmother passed away. I remember it clearly because it was seemingly so tragic. My great grandfather had a heart attack and passed away on a Saturday. My great grandmother died the following Monday after lapsing into a comma following a stroke. The deaths were [...]

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