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Take From Death Before Death Takes From You

I’ve been thinking a lot about death—about my mortality. Am I depressed? No. Suicidal? Definitely not. At one point, we all have to think about our mortality. After all, death is a part of life. If we are living, then, we, like every living thing will eventually die. It is just a fact of life. [...]

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To My Nieces with Love (on Body Image)

One of the best things that ever happened to your aunt was when she went into the world of bodybuilding. Yes, ONE, of the best I said. For the most part, life has been good to me. There has consistently been  a Guiding Presence throughout my life, even when I entered seemingly dark places.  Naivete [...]

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Beyond Recovery to Discovery: Finding Peace in the Addictions

Addiction is the prevailing modern disease. Lacking an inner sense of fulfillment, we attach ourselves to people, drugs, things, behaviors, feelings and work to seek satisfaction. Scott Peck, renowned author of The Road Less Traveled, describes addictions as the modern idols. Having left God, our first love, we bow down to the shrines of various [...]

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I Can’t Breathe

The world in general and America in particular, is shocked by the constant flashbacks of the video of an African-American man, Mr. Eric Garner, resisting arrest and being wrestled to the ground by a group of white policemen. Put into a chokehold grip with the police on top of him, Mr. Garner could be heard [...]

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Thanksgiving Dinner as Group Therapy

Maybe not for you, but for some, Thanksgiving Day is a dreaded time. Family coming together over a simmering pot of emotions: the hurt, the pain, the bitterness, the resentment, the look of judgment, the pretense — all sitting together at the same table, trying to be on their best behavior. Some will even choose [...]

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