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Whose Body Is It, Anyway?

Breast Augmentation $6,450. Eyelid Surgery $4,500. Facelift $12,125. Liposuction $6,025. Injectable fillers $1300. 100% Virgin Human Hair $500. Your body? Really? Priceless. It’s mine. It’s not like I am going to become a pastor or a pastor’s wife, I thought. So, I took my first fitness model shots. For the most part, I really liked the [...]

Interview Promo with Coach Don Nava: ‘Jesus is not Lord over Christians’ Body’

Coach Don Nava is the founder of The Totally Fit Life and Totally Fit Life Ministries in Northern California. As a fitness and wellness expert he has coached for 35 years, mentored and counseled thousands of executives in business, sports and ministry. He has developed vitality programs for organizations in Europe, Australia and the United [...]

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Black Women, Fitness and Hair

"Until black women get over their hair, they won’t commit to a lifestyle of fitness and health." Many black women feel that to be beautiful is to have straight lacquer hair. So what happens when she is exercising and her beautiful locs become drench with perspiration? Those natural curls resort to their natural state. What’s [...]

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Character Building in the Making

In preparing for athletic competitions, such as body building, the process or preparation is the key to determining the end result. Close adherence to a clean diet, intense training and proper rest and recovery are designed to sculpt the body into an art piece. In short, it is the process, then, that matters to the [...]

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Self Esteem Uncovered

Growing up I found my self esteem in playing basketball. At a very young age, I began playing basketball. Because of my height, I became very valuable to my team.  I found myself working very hard on a day to day basis to be the best player I could be.  Thirteen years later, I graduated [...]

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Exercise your Windshield Wipers

I am not referring to the windshield wipers on your car but I am referring to an exercise to target your abdominal muscles. This muscle targets your oblique abdominals, that fan like muscle on each side just under your arm. The key to this exercise is maintaining control of your legs as you move them [...]

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Pectineus Stretch

This muscle is a small muscle that lies from your pubic bone to the shaft of the femur (upper leg bone). The action this muscle produces is hip adduction (bringing the leg towards the midline of your body) and hip flexion (bringing your knee up towards your chest). If you sit a lot during the [...]

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Marching in Place

As we begin 2011 the idea is that no matter your goals, your fitness level, or your starting weight the idea throughout 2011 is to move. There are no excuses to not move throughout the day. Energy creates energy and the more you move the more your body wants to move. We were created to [...]

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How is your Heart?

What better topic to discuss this Valentine’s week than Cardiovascular Fitness as it relates to your heart’s health. Evidence from research shows a direct correlation between cardiovascular fitness and its protection against heart disease. The ability to walk briskly, jog, or swim comfortably for a half hour or more, you’ve achieved cardiovascular health: a strong [...]

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