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Tuning into New Opportunities

When I tuned in to 91.3 Hope FM last Saturday morning, the song "Jesus at the center of it all" by Hillsong Worship was playing. Isn't that the truth?! Jesus is surely at the center of it all. As the lyrics say, "...Jesus is at the center of it all, from beginning to the end..." [...]

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Protecting yourself Against Fear and Stress

Solomon, the wisest man who lived, gave this warning: Above everything else, guard your heart; for it is the source of life’s consequences. Ultimately, it is in your heart where all issues of life are processed and filtered. Your heart is “a metaphor for the center of the person, the inner core where all aspects [...]

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Grateful for the Nation I live In

Open your eyes. Take a good look around you. Unless you live in a small rural area, chances are you will see a rainbow of colour. Not the leaves which are so beautiful this time of year, or the colors of spring and summer which are slowly fading from our views. The rainbow that I [...]

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Integrating Dance into your Faith and Health

At what turned out to be a "Dance, Stretch & Relax" class I taught to seniors at an assisted-living facility last week, I couldn't help but notice how the 80-and-90-something-year-old participants came alive in a really big way immediately upon moving their bodies. Apparently, before our class began, the seniors had just finished sitting through [...]

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What Does God Have to Say about Facebook?

I remember when the debate or sermon topic from the classroom to the pulpit was about the television. Was the television bad or good? Alas, we realize now that we probably wasted time and energy talking about a medium the moral value of which had nothing to do with its functionality or design but about our [...]

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The Secret to Motivation

Have you ever noticed that two people can go through the self-same experience and one come out a “winner” and the other a “victim?” Do you ever wonder why it is that two people can hold the same position in a company and one excel while the other dread every day they have to go [...]

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“Gratitude is the Key”

A light bulb went on when I texted those words to a friend: “Gratitude is actually the key”. She had just started jogging for the first time in her adult life. She was doing increments of 3 minutes running and walking. She said she was just learning to be thankful for the small steps. Celebrating the [...]

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Finding Peace in my Dark Hour

Let me start this article with a very uplifting thought…you may very well be disappointed by its message. You see, it would be incredibly presumptuous of me to assume that I can tell someone how to find peace in a couple thousand words or less. Doing so would probably produce an article containing a lot [...]

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9 Cures for Holiday Loneliness

On an early October morning, I found myself tossing and turning. Although I was physically tired, I could not manage to sleep more than one hour at a time.Finally, I sat up in the bed and asked myself, “Why are you so uneasy?” I did have a long, exhausting day at work.From briefings on the [...]

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