3 Reasons The Care of Your Body Is Essential To Your Faith

The rabbis claim that the purpose of a healthy body is to gain wisdom. I believe the purpose of a healthy body is also to nurture compassion. Both wisdom and compassion heal the soul of the individual and the community. These virtues—wisdom and compassion—enable individuals and communities to thrive healthily and in harmony. So the [...]

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Lessons of Self-Care I Learned from My Mother’s Skincare Regimen

When the water turns a clear turquoise green from my plane’s window, I know I am in The Bahamas. I soon see my mother waiting in the front seat of the car, smiling with a twinkle in her eyes. Each year when I visit her, I look to see how her face has changed, and [...]

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Is Self-care Counterintuitive?

Most of us would agree that self-care is important, and if we think about it long enough, most of us would also agree that it should be a priority. The key word there is “should”, but so often self-care is not. Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of [...]

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Is Your Life on Hold?

An elderly couple met their demise in an auto accident and were transported to Heaven. The faithful couple were recognized by St. Peter and escorted into the welcome center, where they began to take in all the wonder and amazement of the place. St. Peter pointed out the food court and told them that they [...]

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7 Tips to Develop Healthier Habits

Every January, millions declare their resolutions to lose weight, get in better shape, and build more muscle. And while it’s great to want to do all of these things in order to reach higher levels of health and fitness, statistics reveal that less than one-tenth will actually succeed with regard to these particular goals. Why [...]

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Black Women, Fitness and Hair

"Until black women get over their hair, they won’t commit to a lifestyle of fitness and health." Many black women feel that to be beautiful is to have straight lacquer hair. So what happens when she is exercising and her beautiful locs become drench with perspiration? Those natural curls resort to their natural state. What’s [...]

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Thoughts on Health from The Caribbean by Dr. Angela Herbert

Being from the Caribbean, I always believed the anecdote that the old folk of the Caribbean know what they talking about.  In Barbados, Jamaica etc, many of these people live to 100 and beyond.  Many used to have a full head of thick, grey hair (not so much nowadays), the remaining teeth could cut through [...]

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Is it Image or Health?

"Image is everything." Though we know this statement is not true in its entirety, many of us have bought into it: Just look the part. It's how people perceive you, and so what if that perception is incorrect. Because such great emphasis is placed on image in our society, we end up succumbing to unnecessary [...]

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