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God-Aware: Ascribe to the Lord Strength

Ooh…how I love to feel my strength. I love lifting weights and lifting heavy. There is something about feeling the rush of blood flowing to that particular body part and feeling the oxygen in my lungs conspire with my heart to make the lift. Forty-five minutes of focused workout leave me feeling both relieved that [...]

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The Exercising Couch Potato

I never thought I’d have a sit down job—I mean almost 24/7. Being the editor-in-chief of Transformational Living Magazine became more challenging than lifting weights, my favorite form of exercising. Anybody who knows me knows how much I love lifting and lifting heavy. I am proud to brag that I lift more weight than my [...]

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Being Broken

Have you ever worked out really hard only to find yourself barely able to move the next day? I remember when I first started weight training or any new workout program. I felt sore at least 24 hours afterwards. It was a challenge for me to roll out of bed to stand up or to [...]

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