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Slowing Down to Increase our Intimacy with God

"Mama Maggie isn’t someone who is obsessed by service or ministry; she is someone who serves and ministers out of her great desire to know Christ and be filled by His Spirit. She doesn’t feel the need to be 'productive' and doing something at all times (a disease which afflicts many churchgoers and workers); she [...]

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Abdominal Stretch

Once you have worked up a sweat in the gym and it is time to stretch, try this abs stretch over a stability ball. Most of us spend all day hunched forward creating shortened musculature on our fronts and stretching out our back muscles. This stretch will open up the front of the body and [...]

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The Pose of a Warrior

This yoga pose is a great way to tone your waist, hips, and legs. This pose not only provides you with a stretch, but helps build strength and endurance throughout your lower body. Yoga poses can be very relaxing but are also used as an immense source to burning calories. How to execute the warrior [...]

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What You Didn’t Know About Stretching

Stretching regularly offers you many tremendous benefits such as increasing your range of motion so you can reach to a top shelf or bend over to tie your shoes. Stretching can deliver more energy and boost your mental function. The best benefit of all is that stretching can make you look better physically. Every muscle [...]

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Don’t forget to stretch!

As the New Year is beginning and you are beginning you new routines it is very important that you don’t leave out one key ingredient in your fitness routine and that is STRETCHING! It will very important to keep your muscles pliable as this will decrease soreness and increases muscular strength in the long run [...]

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How to Reduce or Prevent Low Back Pain

One of the primary sources of low back pain is tight hamstrings.  I have often found that people will workout so hard at the gym, especially, yet leave without stretching.  You are doing your body or muscles a huge disservice by not stretching after a workout.  Most people will stretch prior to exercise, and that [...]

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How to Age Like a Ballerina

Ballerinas move their bodies with grace and control as they float through the air as if defying gravity. Their movements are guided by their ability to feel rhythm and understand music. The grace of a ballerina’s movements is largely determined by balance and flexibility. As adults age, they gradually lose balance and flexibility. They do [...]

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