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Book Review: Anatomy of the Soul

 Curt Thompson, MD, Anatomy of the Soul: Surprising Connections between Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices That Can Transform Your Life and Relationships, Tyndale Momentum, 2010, 304 pages. Why would King David ask God to search his heart—his mind? Couldn’t the king himself engage in introspection? After all, we do it all the time. Well, according to [...]

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What is Transformational Motivation?

What was it that motivated Chris Gardner, a salesman struggling to build a future for himself and his five-year-old son, to keep going? Was it really The Pursuit of Happyness as the movie title suggests? What is it that motivates you, and me?  Money? Happiness? Health? The American Dream? The Kingdom of God? Souls? Heaven? [...]

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Trim Some Fat from your Soul and Lose Weight

When I left the classroom for the gym, working no longer as a teacher but as a personal trainer, it didn’t take me long to recognize that something was amiss as I began training adults, particularly the ones interested in losing weight. They had other challenges besides adhering to an exercise program and a [...]

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What’s Hacking into Your Motivation?

Waking up in the morning, you are motivated to get the day going, right? You get to work, arrive at your desk, you are pumped up with energy and enthusiasm to dive into that big project! No? Or, it’s Saturday, the day you set aside for working on your book and you find yourself doing [...]

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Transformational Beauty

Shuf-fle ball change, Shuf-fle, hop, step. Heel, toe, heel, toe. Shuf-fle ball change, Shuf-fle, hop, step. Heel, toe, heel, toe, step. Anyone who knows what these words mean will begin to move their feet to these tap steps automatically. It doesn't matter how old you are; you know these steps. They were one of the [...]

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Quinoa-Transforming and Transcending Health

Can the hostile environment in which quinoa (pronounced “KeenWa”) is grown account for its high nutritional content? Quinoa is a stable food of the Incas and the Indians of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. Today, most quinoa is grown in the high altitude plains of Bolivia, in what would be considered by most farmers infertile, arid [...]

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The Transformational Journey Continues

When I was asked to write a follow-up story to one I'd written over four years ago entitled "L…F…U…B…F…J" (Lazy, fat, ugly, b*tch who is a failure) I realized I needed to go back and re-read it myself. To my amazement I could hardly read it; I wanted to cover my eyes in shame at [...]

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Transformation-Change from the Inside-Out

Mind over Matter The power of the mind is highly underestimated. My husband and I were driving in the car when a man on the radio said "if you can conceive it in your mind, then you can do it".  This statement is not meant to be taken literally, because if we can see ourselves [...]

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Making Room for God

LiveLiving eMagazine, Fasting edition, cover   The physical benefits of fasting are phenomenal in transforming our life and health. Fasting is an opportunity for believers to be disciplined in making room for God in mind, body and spirit. Read more of “The Physical Benefits of a Fast” by Blynthia Hall in LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness [...]

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