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God-Aware: Ascribe to the Lord Strength

Ooh…how I love to feel my strength. I love lifting weights and lifting heavy. There is something about feeling the rush of blood flowing to that particular body part and feeling the oxygen in my lungs conspire with my heart to make the lift. Forty-five minutes of focused workout leave me feeling both relieved that [...]

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There’s No Such Thing as Retirement

What is retirement? I think retirement is that season in our lives when we finally learn how to rest in God as we do what he has called us to do. I believe that when we do what God has called us to do we live passionately from our hearts. Therefore, is there really such [...]

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Preparing for Resistance

I have used resistance training for most of my adulthood to strengthen myself physically. But, little did I know that, for me, this type of training would also contribute to my mental and spiritual development. Over the years, I have come to realize that the resistance we impose on ourselves through physical exercise, for example, [...]

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3 Reasons You Should Do Weight Training If You’re Over 40

  It is so important to develop good habits when you’re young because it certainly makes aging less difficult. I was introduced to weight training in my twenties, but I took it to a whole ‘nother level in my mid-thirties when I started competing competitively.    However, it didn’t take me long to figure out that [...]

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Different Breathing Techniques for Running, Swimming and Weight Training

Breathing itself is used as a calming exercise.  Each breath you take results in the inhalation of air (oxygen) and the exhalation of air (carbon dioxide).  Oxygen is transported throughout the body by blood to all parts of your body.  Breathing, an action we perform each second without thought, is very significant to the operation [...]

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The Basics of Weight Training and Cardio

Knowing the amount of rest you need between workouts depends on many different variables. First you must learn to listen to what your body is telling you by being able to identify signs and interpret what exactly you should do. There are some basic rules to strength training. The most important rule being: Never train [...]

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Burn Calories with the Clean Hang

Name: Paul Mitchell Role: ePersonal Trainer Favorite weight training exercise: Clean Hang Why the clean hang? Because not only is it a total body exercise, which tends to allow the body to burn more calories and produce more of the body's natural growth hormones, but it also forces you to move the weight at a [...]

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How to Get a Strong Back and Powerful Legs

Name: Kala Duncan Role: ePersonal Trainer Favorite weight training exercises: Bent Leg Deadlift and Leg Press Why bent leg deadlift and leg press? Bent leg deadlift targets the erector spinae like no other exercise! With perfect form and the perfect amount of iron loaded on the barbell your low back will become so strong, protecting [...]

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Being Broken

Have you ever worked out really hard only to find yourself barely able to move the next day? I remember when I first started weight training or any new workout program. I felt sore at least 24 hours afterwards. It was a challenge for me to roll out of bed to stand up or to [...]

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An Apologia for Weight Training

In 2001, I competed in my first bodybuilding competition. I was 32 years old, and I had never been that fit in my life. I won that competition, and that was the beginning of my path to health and fitness. Only then I didn’t realize that it was not about the competitions. I would come [...]

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