As the new year approaches, it is quite natural to think about making changes. What can we do better to improve our lives? Or, perhaps, the reverse is what can we do differently to enhance the quality of our lives? There is always room for improvement. God shows us that real changes begin from within. He demonstrated this principle by changing the entire course of humanity by planting his seed within the Virgin Mary. It was a brilliant plan, for by the time satan realized what was happening, Joseph and Mary had left Bethlehem and were on their way to Egypt with the Savior of the world.

Real changes come from within.

The seed within Mary’s womb (Genesis 3:15) would bring life and restoration to us all. Just as life occurs also within a seed in nature, God wants to bring life within us that will affect every area of our lives. No area is off limit to God. And certainly no area is off limit to the power of God. God does not deal with only the so-called spiritual. He wants to be involved in all that we do.

For many people, weight loss is the number one New Year’s resolution.  People, generally, want to lose weight whether for the purpose of being healthy, looking better and/or feeling better about themselves. Whilst all of these are good reasons for losing weight, God is more interested in transforming us-transforming the way we see ourselves and others and the way we think about food and exercise, for example. In other words, transformation involves changing our thought life in order to bring about changes that are lasting. Too many times we make changes only to resort to old habits.

Think about making 2014 your year of transformation. We invite you, too, to join us on our journey of transformation.  There is always room for improvement.