Faith-based Health and Wellness StudyStatistics continually show that the faith-based community remains a high risk group in dire need of health and wellness intervention. The most recent research shows that Christians, in particular, may need to look to more than weight loss programs to lose those extra pounds. To fight the obesity epidemic, Christians should consider a holistic approach and take into account not just their spiritual health but also their physical, emotional and mental well-being in order to live healthier lives.

In The Ten Guiding Lights to Health and Wholeness, Etta Dale Hornsteiner, President and Founder of LiveLiving International LLC, shares:

· Principles for living a healthy life
· How to integrate mind, body and spirit for health and healing
· Relevant practices that can help in prevention and treatment strategies for better health and wellness

About Etta Hornsteiner and LiveLiving International
Etta Dale Hornsteiner is the founder of LiveLiving International LLC and LiveLiving International Foundation Inc., a faith-based health and wellness nonprofit organization and the editor of LiveLiving’s Transformational Living magazine—a digital publication available online on Apple’s Newsstand and Google Play.

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