In the Beginning was Food

Regardless of who we are, we all have a relationship with food–good, bad or indifferent. There are scores of Websites, blogs, and even entire channels on food– how to prepare it and how to eat it. Some people even describe themselves as foodies. We all have a personal relationship with food. I have been known to say, “Me and food go way back.” It is a tongue-in-cheek way to say, well, I have had issues with food and I’m a work in progress.

From the very beginning, food was used to cause our first earth mother and father to sin. The enemy convinced Eve to see the “fruit” as something it wasn’t. God had placed a boundary on it, but she bought into the lie. The Bible says Eve looked at the food with different eyes. She saw the fruit through the lie the enemy had told her–that it was good for food and desirable to make one wise. Food became a weapon.


The Experience that Changed Food for Me

I know now that food is for nourishment and it was created for us to bless us, to bring us life and health. But through an early experience, it had become something else. I was twelve when food became not so much nutrition but a tool. for me. I have a distinct memory of when this happened. I had turned twelve. My mom surprised me with a beautiful yellow cake, decorated with pink and white icing. That year, I also became a woman. One day while I was at church, there was a group of older boys talking; CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD APP or READ ONLINE P.24 to read more.