Nuggets of Wisdom for Healthy Aging

Want to live a joyful life? Want to live healthily throughout your life? Allow Cal Samra, former Associate Press Reporter, current editor of "The Joyful Noiseletter" and an octogenarian to share with you nuggets of wisdom for healthy aging, living joyfully and meaningfully in body, mind and spirit. I sat down with Cal Samra, author [...]

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A Father’s Day Message: It’s Complicated

Father’s Day. It’s complicated. So, I’ll get straight to the point and say Robin was the only Father I really knew. He was my host father. I met Robin and his wife Kathy when I was 18. I was barely fresh out of high school, heading on a plane to Nova Scotia, Canada, for university. [...]

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How Do You Want to Age?

You’re going to your high school reunion and you want to look fabulous. But your back ache seems to have become your new best friend. Every day that you look in the mirror, you’re reminded that change is inevitable, and with change, comes loss. Too often aging is characterized by limited mobility, pain, loss of [...]

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Lessons of Self-Care I Learned from My Mother’s Skincare Regimen

When the water turns a clear turquoise green from my plane’s window, I know I am in The Bahamas. I soon see my mother waiting in the front seat of the car, smiling with a twinkle in her eyes. Each year when I visit her, I look to see how her face has changed, and [...]

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Whose Body Is It, Anyway?

Breast Augmentation $6,450. Eyelid Surgery $4,500. Facelift $12,125. Liposuction $6,025. Injectable fillers $1300. 100% Virgin Human Hair $500. Your body? Really? Priceless. It’s mine. It’s not like I am going to become a pastor or a pastor’s wife, I thought. So, I took my first fitness model shots. For the most part, I really liked the [...]

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Is Self-care Counterintuitive?

Most of us would agree that self-care is important, and if we think about it long enough, most of us would also agree that it should be a priority. The key word there is “should”, but so often self-care is not. Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of [...]

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10 Reasons Jicama Is A Must-Have

I’m a crisp-textured, almost turnip-shaped root vegetable or tuber. I have a tough brown skin on the outside, but my white flesh on the inside is like a water chestnut.  10 Facts about the Jicama Hi, my name is Jicama. It is pronounced “hee-ca-ma”. I am originally from Mexico. That makes me a Mexican potato [...]

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Take From Death Before Death Takes From You

I’ve been thinking a lot about death—about my mortality. Am I depressed? No. Suicidal? Definitely not. At one point, we all have to think about our mortality. After all, death is a part of life. If we are living, then, we, like every living thing will eventually die. It is just a fact of life. [...]

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The Amazing Kohlrabi!

It’s amazing that there are so many different vegetables and fruits, yet we limit ourselves to just a few of them. I am a creature of habit. I can eat basically the same food every day. Recently, however, I have been exploring the local farmer’s market. I find it exciting. There are as many different vegetables [...]

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