Is the Radiation from our Cell Phones Affecting our Health?

While traveling this summer, I opted not to do the body scanner at the airport. Since I had gotten to the airport early, I figure I would take my time and even endure a physical pat down instead. At a busy Atlanta airport, one could only imagine that the TSA officers were not pleased that [...]

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Making Sense of the South Carolina Massacre

Hurt people hurt people. Life is wounded. We’ve all been hurt. As long as we continue to live in this world, we will experience pain. If we do not learn how to heal from our pain and learn healthy ways to deal with pain, we develop maladaptive behaviors. These behaviors eventually can lead to suicide [...]

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“Switch” to Words

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is accused of abusing his four-year-old son. Peterson claims he did not abuse his son; he was administering punishment. Peterson stated that he loves all of his children, “and only ‘whoops’ them because he wants them to do right.” He uses this form of discipline because he believes being [...]

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“But It Doesn’t Hurt Anyone?”

If you want to have a good marriage, be sure to talk to your fiancé/ fiancée about finances, children, careers, and in-laws you get married. Most couples are counseled with this advice, and it is good advice. But most engaged couples are never told that there is an issue that can cause more problems in [...]

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God Has a Plan for Great Sex

Sex. God. Surely, no two topics could be farther apart? Sex is about desire, passion, and mind-blowing orgasms. Surely, all God has to say about sex is “Don’t do it.” Right? Wrong. And that’s coming from a sexologist! According to Dr. Patricia Weerakoon, God has a plan for great sex. That’s why love is so [...]

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Pairing Forgiveness with Juicing

Holding a grudge can generate negative emotions, such as bitterness, anger, and sadness, for example. These emotions put stress on the body, especially if they are stored in the body for a long time. When the body is under stress, it releases the hormone cortisol. The hormone cortisol, over a period of time, can affect [...]

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The Body God’s Glory

  Nature displays the glory of God, and, likewise, our bodies are also created to display God’s glory (1 Corinthians 6:13).  This statement certainly puts the body in a different light from a body that is evil or bad. It is our human nature that has the propensity to sin. Hence, Paul admonishes us to [...]

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On Humility

“Humility”—the word seems as archaic as the word “nobility”. To the world, humility only seems to be an admirable trait when someone who has been given status in society possesses it. For example, Prince William and Princess Kate are admired for exhibiting such down-to-earth qualities. Pope Francis, named after St. Francis of Assisi’s—the saint known [...]

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Tearing Down the Wall of Limitation

We have all experienced the feeling of limitation. Whether we have felt limited by our environment, weight, sex, skin color, name, parents, job, education or lack of money-- we have faced the wall of limitation. However, many times, we have created this wall of limitation within ourselves, for the holy scriptures tell us that we [...]

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Sabotage Your Fast!

LiveLiving eMagazine, Fasting edition, cover   Are you fasting? Have you seen the latest edition of LiveLiving eMagazine? Visit LiveLiving Christian Health and Wellness eMagazine, page 21 for 21 Ways to Sabotage While Fasting by Ellie Grimes, Blynthia Hall and Paula Wynn.

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