Aromatherapy is recognized as an essential oil therapy. These essential oils are derived from the fragrant part of the plant, such as flowers, leaves, roots, and stems. Aromatherapy helps balance and harmonize the body, mind and spirit. The oils from these aromatic plants help improve one’s health and wellness.

Aromatherapy is also used as a medicine. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Its wide range of applications comprising of pain relief and skin products are beneficial for the body, mind and spirit.

Jasmine oil

The use of aromatherapy as a legitimate form of treatment for various ailments has recently come to be accepted by the medical as well as holistic communities. In recent years, research has revealed that certain smells have a significant effect in regards to the way we feel because smells and odors can impact the brain [...]

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Eucalyptus Oil

The Eucalyptus tree, native to Australia, has long been considered that nation’s signature tree but can now be found throughout the world in various subtropical regions. It is one of the world’s tallest trees and is easily recognizable by its size and distinctive twisted trunk. It is thought that the Aborigines were the first to [...]

Lavender Oil

When it comes to rest and aromatherapy, lavender is often the first essential oil that comes to mind. It is one of the most popular flowering plants grown in herb gardens due to its pleasing fragrance and abundant healing properties. The beneficial effects  of plant aromas, including those of lavender, have been known and used for [...]

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Smell the Healing Power of God

Aromatic oils and perfumes have been essential in the lives of people since the days of antiquity. In biblical times, these ointments and perfumes were very significant for worship, burial, and fragrance. Moses was commanded by the Lord to take sweet spices and make incense for the priests to use during worship in the Tabernacle [...]

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If plants could speak, the message from the geranium would be, “Don’t do a thing let yourself be pampered”.  In experimental outpatient clinics in Azerbaijan, patients sit comfortably in an aromatherapy room sniffing fragrant plants such as the rose geranium.  They inhale the aromas according to a prescription, which specifies how many times a week [...]

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