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The Astronomy corner of LiveLiving organization helps you learn and understand about God’s universe to enhance your faith and fitness. It is highly recommended as a part of the Christian Living to understand the relation between science and the Bible. We can learn and recognize the many astronomical facts included within the Bible.

These astronomical facts can help us deepen our relationship with God and others and thus help us enjoy our Christian Living.

Thoughts to Ponder: Beyond the Cosmos

How can confusing points in Christian doctrine be explained from God's existence beyond our four dimensional spacetime?  God's transcendence, afterall, is predicted by both modern cosmology and the Bible. For example, how can God hear the prayers of billions of people all at once? We live in one dimension of time--our time line. But God [...]

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An Elastic Universe

The Universe has no center in the same way the surface of a ball has no center. This knowledge results from how astronomers think the Universe started, and that says something about Who started it. The Universe - —time, the three dimensions of space, matter, energy, and the laws of logic and physics—came into existence [...]

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When Worlds Collide: God and the Planets

When Worlds Collide: God and the Planets God finely tuned many factors to make Earth a habitable planet for advanced life (Isaiah 45:18). One of those factors is the relatively large Moon which stabilizes our planet’s spin axis. Earth would literally flip over without the Moon and would be uninhabitable for advanced life due to [...]

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