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God designed us to move. Faith and fitness is, therefore, an important part of our Christian Living. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so proper maintenance requires us to keep it fit and healthy. LiveLiving encourages its readers to live active lives in order to achieve physical, mental and spiritual health.

By integrating faith and fitness, LiveLiving believes the individual has a stronger foundation to build a healthy life whilst here on Earth.

Regular Exercise Can Help in Preventing Breast Cancer

Family history and aging can be risk factors when it comes to the manifestation of certain diseases. However, the study of epigenetics has revealed that certain genes predisposed to diseases can be turned on or off by external or environmental factors. This information is vital and empowering in preventing many diseases, such as breast cancer. [...]

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How’s Your Engine Running? Increasing Your Oxygen Capacity for Living a Fit Life

Look at the front of your car, or any car for that matter. You see that opening (the grill) in the front? The grill allows air from outside to come into the engine and combine with the car’s gasoline to produce energy. In the world of fitness, we like to use the analogy of your [...]

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Transformation of the Body & The Power of Words

Ugly, fat, imperfect... Do these words ever come to mind when you look in the mirror at your body? The words we say to ourselves about our bodies have a powerful impact. Words hold power We are inundated with words — words about how we should look; what our bodies should be like; even what [...]

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Transforming the Body: The Body, Priceless (Part II)

In our March/April 2014 issue, we published Part 1 The Body, God’s Masterpiece.  A college degree $60,000. A Michael Kors bag $400. Gel nails $50.  A Dolce & Gabbana suit $2,195. Your body?   My mother was a seamstress who made all of my and my sisters’ Sunday dresses growing up. I was always conscious [...]

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Transforming the Body: God’s Masterpiece (Part I)

I love my body. I can hear the alarm going off now. “That’s sacrilegious! Idolatrous! Selfish! Humanistic!” The truth is I have an appreciation for the works of a gifted artist when I see one. And I believe God did a marvelous job when he created us humans, the zenith of his creation. What do [...]

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Utilizing Tempo and Breath in Exercising

So, you’ve been exercising consistently for the past few months. You used to get sore and your workout used to be such a struggle. It’s great that those things are not happening anymore because that means you have progressed and become stronger! But, to continue to get results in the gym you need to apply [...]

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Stronger Glutes Stronger Back

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, glutes are a very important to the stabilization and balance of the body. Lack of glute strength is a major cause of lower back pain. In addition, sitting for long hours at work is also a major contributor to weak gluteal muscles.   Below, is a sample workout that will help [...]

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5 Exercises for a Confident Looking Posture

What does your posture say about you? When you are feeling confident about yourself, you tend to hold your head a little higher, pull your shoulders back and have a little pep in your step. On the contrary, when you are feeling low, or the view of how you see yourself is negative, then you [...]

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Metabolic Circuit: It’s time to burn FAT!

What does it mean to be metabolic? The term "metabolic" is often used to refer specifically to the breakdown of food and its transformation into energy. The summer is fast approaching and that means the layers are beginning to come off. Below is a great fat burning exercise/routine that will help you feel confident in [...]

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