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God designed us to move. Faith and fitness is, therefore, an important part of our Christian Living. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so proper maintenance requires us to keep it fit and healthy. LiveLiving encourages its readers to live active lives in order to achieve physical, mental and spiritual health.

By integrating faith and fitness, LiveLiving believes the individual has a stronger foundation to build a healthy life whilst here on Earth.

Self Esteem Uncovered

Growing up I found my self esteem in playing basketball. At a very young age, I began playing basketball. Because of my height, I became very valuable to my team.  I found myself working very hard on a day to day basis to be the best player I could be.  Thirteen years later, I graduated [...]

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Creating Sculpted Shoulder-Part II

Part II Summer is coming. The days are getting slightly warmer. Are you going to wait until the hot summer days roll around to work on your shoulders? Why not start now? By the time summer begins, you will have those rounded shoulders to accesorize that beautiful summer dress or those broad shoulders in that [...]

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At Home Shoulder Workout

Aesthetically, strong, round, toned shoulders immediately give the illusion of a small waist...who doesn'’t want that, right? If only it were THAT easy. Gaining any type of “tone” requires resistance training. Contrary to popular belief, acquiring strong, toned shoulders (or any area of the body) isn'’t as easy as lifting 3lb weights for 3 sets [...]

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4 Trainers’ Tips on Keeping off the Holiday Pounds

ATHLETIC AND FUNCTIONAL TRAINING, WEIGHT LOSS Name: Paul T. Mitchell III Qualification: B.S., NSCA C.S.C.S. *D, NASM PES Business: Playmaker Strength Conditioning, LLC, Team Beachbody Coach Websites: Email: TIP: Start NOW! The holidays are meant to be enjoyed. Family, friends, food, music, and and spirituality are all part of what makes this [...]

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3 Ways to Avoid Holiday Pounds

This year, let'’s avoid the Seasonal Seven (average number of pounds people gain between Thanksgiving and the New Year) by planning ahead!  Use these strategies to participate in the festivities without gaining weight! Don'’t wait until the New Year to work on your fitness goals! The most important component to your holiday weight gain prevention [...]

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Couch Potato Commercial Work Out

September is Cholesterol awareness month. Most of the time we are walk around with high cholesterol and may not even know it.  As a child when I was in the sixth grade I was diagnosed with high cholesterol having levels well above 400. That is something an 11 year old should not think about and [...]

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Stair Workout

No Excuses! You can do these stair exercises almost anywhere. Stair Workout! 1.Run up / jog down 2. Lunge-Take two steps at a time 3. Stair Jumps-Stand facing bottom of staircase. Squat down and jump up steps using a double arm swing. Upon landing, immediately jump up steps again. 4. Side step up cross over - Feet [...]

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5 Fitness Ideas for a Creative Workout

Just as God made each one of us unique and individual, underneath the surface we are all composed of the same muscles, organs, and bones.  In our many different personalities, it is fair to say that we all don’t like working out the same way.  In today’s society there is always a new fad coming [...]

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Different Breathing Techniques for Running, Swimming and Weight Training

Breathing itself is used as a calming exercise.  Each breath you take results in the inhalation of air (oxygen) and the exhalation of air (carbon dioxide).  Oxygen is transported throughout the body by blood to all parts of your body.  Breathing, an action we perform each second without thought, is very significant to the operation [...]

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