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God designed us to move. Faith and fitness is, therefore, an important part of our Christian Living. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so proper maintenance requires us to keep it fit and healthy. LiveLiving encourages its readers to live active lives in order to achieve physical, mental and spiritual health.

By integrating faith and fitness, LiveLiving believes the individual has a stronger foundation to build a healthy life whilst here on Earth.

Burn your Holiday Calories with These Exercises

These exercises are designed to burn calories and rev up your metabolism.  Perform each exercise for 20 seconds. It is important that you do not stop in between the exercises until you have completed a FULL circuit or all of the exercises. The exercises are to be performed in the following order: 1. Jumping Jacks 2. [...]

Top Six Exercises That Work

As a professional fitness model and personal trainer, I work out and train clients to get results.  Here are five of my favorite exercises that target  specific muscles in the body for the purpose of toning and keeping away fat in certain areas that are proned.  These exercises can be done in the gym or at home with weights or creative apparatus, such [...]

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No Drudgery: 6 Summer Exercises to Energize your Body and Spirit

Some of the best times of the year are the spring, summer, and fall months.  The warm weather, the shining sun, the cool breeze, and the fresh air are all wonderful elements to get you moving outdoors.  If you have a gym membership, now is about the time when you are tired of being cooped [...]

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7 Exercises to get Fit and De-Clutter

As the weather changes  so does our exercise routine - from the number of times we workout to the types of exercise we do. Spring cleaning provides a wonderful opportunity to work out and train many muscles while we chase away dust mites! What better way to get your “spring cleaning” accomplished and get your [...]

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Sleep to Lose Weight

Our bodies need sleep. In fact, 6-9 hours of consistent nightly sleep is required for our bodies to function properly. When we lose sleep, we tend to only consider the outward manifestations of the loss and even play them down. Dark circles appear around our eyes. Make-up can easily cover those circles.  Or our eyes may [...]

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Get Fit in your Garden

Most people do research to find out how to make their garden more beautiful.  Whether it be a flower garden and striving to orchestrate the correct color scheme or a garden to grow vegetables and fresh food, the idea is to make the garden as beautiful and as healthy as possible.  However, did you ever [...]

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Prayer Exercises: Entering God’s Presence

Introduction Before we begin our time together in prayer and meditation, I would like to make a few suggestions to aid concentration: 1. Find a place of relative peace and quiet where you may remain undisturbed by the distracting sounds of telephones, television sets, and conversation. 2. Settle yourself into a comfortable position on a cushioned [...]