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The Christian life involves transformational living. When we discipline our bodies, train our minds and renew our spirits, we experience transformation. Integrating our body, mind and spirit allows us to experience a fuller life in Christ.

LiveLiving believes that when the body, mind and spirit are integrated and aligned with God’s will, the believer lives in harmony and experiences a transformed life.

Fearless Self-Image, Fearless Identity

As a young girl I was sexually abused. You may not be able to relate to my exact circumstances, friend, but I know you can relate to what that damage did to my self- image, identity and sense of value. So, as I share some of my story and journey, please try to relate. The [...]

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Right Choice Right Balance

It is often said that the characteristics that we attribute to an individual are the accumulation of many choices that are made on a daily basis over the years. Anyone of these choices could lead to an alteration in the path one ends up following and thus a change in the characteristics we see. The [...]

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Finding the Sacred Space in Your Home

Have you ever thought about finding a place in your spirit that is better than sitting near a brook in a quiet forest, hearing the peaceful water flow? Jesus Christ is that flow, refreshing us, filling us with springs of living water. I have learned to take the effort to walk to that brook by [...]

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The Practice of Forgiveness

While most Christians are in agreement that forgiveness is a necessary condition of our spiritual lives, I am not at all sure that we know how we are supposed to go about it. We desire to be forgiven when we sense a key relationship is damaged by a loss of trust or hurt, but we [...]

Silence Speaks: Listening to Hear God

My father used to introduce me when I was a child this way: "This is my daughter, Beth. She has a speech impediment. She has to breathe."  While this comment was about the rapidity with which I speak, it seems to me to be an excellent metaphor for our cultural life. It never stops to [...]

Shape your Destiny with your Words

What do you want your life to look like when you step into Heaven and stand before Almighty God? I know what I want mine to reflect. My deepest desire is to say, “Father, I fulfilled all that You foresaw for my life,” and hear Him respond, “Well done, My good and faithful servant.” The [...]

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Words: The Power of Life and Death are in the Tongue

As children we are taught “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  While that is a nice thought and an effort to protect our children from the damage words can cause, is it true?  Biblically, the answer is no. We are taught that Life and Death are in the [...]

What We Do With Words

It is so important that we show love to each other in our deeds and, just as important, in our words. What we choose to do with words in our communications with one another can show love, respect, and kindness and can uplift the spirit and bolster morale. Or, our words can evoke an ugliness [...]

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Words and the Mighty Tongue

Our words are a powerful force for good or evil. We need to acknowledge the power of words and guard our speech. It's been said that trying to take back words is like trying to put toothpaste back into a tube. The mess created by both scenarios isn't hard to imagine. Indeed, our words possess [...]

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