Balanced Nutrition

//Balanced Nutrition

Christian holistic health and wellness involves a biblical approach to nutrition. LiveLiving recognizes the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. It promotes foods that are created by the Creator and that are still in their natural state. These foods are accepted as the preferred fuel for the body.

When one’s nutrition is balanced, it is likely that one will find it easier to engage in Christian meditation and prayer, essential practices for Christian Living.

Finding Health and Balance through Harmonious Eating

Everyone knows that we live in an “instant society” where instant results and instant responses are expected. One would be hard-pressed to find a person between the ages of 8 and 78 who has not been affected by our hurried American western lifestyle. Most of us live a treadmill, hurried and rushed life without balance. [...]

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Healing Properties of Okra

Okra, also known as “Lady’s Finger,” is grown in warm and tropical regions of the world and is very popular in North-Eastern Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Even so, I believe okra may be the most disliked amongst vegetables because of its ‘slimy’ texture. But let’s take a closer look at the health benefits of [...]

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An Interview with a Sweet Potato

Funny, amusing and entertaining--you'll find this interview 'sweet' with Mr. Sweet Potato. JD - Hola SP… Let?s dig right in and peel back the layers of confusion and mystery surrounding your family by taking us to your roots. SP - Well JD…, taking a page from my favorite vegetable lover of all time, Popeye, “I [...]

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Eating Out of My Pain

In the Beginning was Food  Regardless of who we are, we all have a relationship with food —good, bad or indifferent.  There are scores of Websites, blogs, and even entire channels on food— shows to prepare it and how to eat it.  Some people even describe themselves as “foodies.”  We all have a personal relationship [...]

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In the Raw: How Enzymes in Raw and Cultured Food Promote Good Health

Because 80% of our immune system is in our gut, the gastrointestinal tract is usually the first line of defense against toxins entering the body.  But the gut cannot do its job without the help of enzymes. Enzymes are the manual workers that build the body from proteins, carbohydrates and fats; and they fall into [...]

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How to Boost your Sex Hormones Naturally

Our sex drive is affected by our hormone production. The balancing of these hormones is key to having a healthy sex life.   NUTRITION Let food be your medicine when you are dealing with hormone imbalance, which is commonly manifested by decreased sex drive, hot flashes/night sweats, and menopause/andropause. The sex hormone production starts with cholesterol. The [...]

Aphrodisiacs: Real or Myth?

I believe that most of us over the age of thirty-five have heard of Spanish Fly, as it has been long promoted as an aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual desire.  As a young adult growing up in the 1990s, Spanish Fly was popular among my age group (25-30), while raw oyster was the aphrodisiac of choice [...]

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Nettle, Unsung Hero

Have you ever heard of Stinging Nettle? I know it sounds more like an insect that should be avoided, and not a plant that can be eaten. However, this unsung hero is a fine food and medicine. Nettle is found in temperate regions and has been used for centuries.  Nettle is infamous for its stinging [...]

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Biblical Foundation of Kosher : An Act of Love and Devotion- Part 3

To recap, we began this series on Kosher introducing and discussing Kosher as a healthy alternative. In part 1 of our series on Kosher, we then looked at  what foods are considered Kosher, when to eat them, and what is used to prepare the kosher products.  In part 2, we examined how kosher items are [...]

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Kosher for Health-Part 2 (Steps to Kosher)

People are becoming more and more aware of what they eat and drink and how it impacts them -- both physically and mentally. Many start eating kosher for health reasons. In our last article, we looked at  foods that are considered kosher, when we eat them, and what is used to prepare the kosher products.  [...]

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