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This department embodies the heart of Christian Living. Being fit for mission requires a readiness of body, mind and spirit. We share with you experiences and stories from around the globe.

I Used to Run After the Ice Cream Man

Everyone has that one defining moment. You know, the one that makes you reevaluate everything that you have been doing, the one that takes all of your good intentions and lines them up in front of you to let you see how many you have pushed aside for a later time. When the reality hits [...]

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Romania: Reawakened Love

Cluj, a county of Romania, reawakened in me a love for mission's work. I knew this love had gotten sidetracked with life. But after taking this trip, the mission's fire burned inside of me again. As a part of a team from World Harvest Church(WHC) in Roswell, Georgia, I had an opportunity to see God move through the Romanian people [...]

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Empowering South Africa

My husband and I, personally understand the diversity of needs through our yearly mission trips to South Africa over the past twelve years.  We have witnessed first-hand the spread of AIDS/HIV, lack of clean water, hunger and increased unemployment. In 2007, Life Connection Ministries (LCM), a nonprofit organization developed by my husband and I to [...]

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Are You Fit to Run the Bridges?

The 7 Bridges To Recovery Ministry is a good example of how important fitness is in Christian outreach. Fitness is not limited to physical wellbeing, it includes at least two other elements. 7 Bridges is a hands-on, front-line rescue mission.  The leadership, members and volunteers descend on the streets of Atlanta daily, going under the [...]

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Go! Missions Africa

 Be spiritually, physically, mentally and financially fit for the mission field"  ~Apostle Ollie Alexander I have traveled abroad to Africa for over nine years.  My first missions trip was to Accra and Kumasi, Ghana West Africa in 2000.  The capital city of Ghana is Accra.  I ministered at several churches, orphanages and villages.  This was [...]

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We Have One Body

“We have one body, and if we would like to successfully fulfill the call of God on our lives, then we need to maintain our temples,” said Dawniqua Linyear, a Christian fitness trainer and figure competitor.  The conversation was over and she had proved her point.  I, a one time professional athlete, was officially out of [...]