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LiveLiving believes that as stewards it is our responsibility to care for the earth. Enjoy our articles written from a Christ-centric approach. Learn how you can bring harmony and healing to your body, mind and spirit by becoming more aware and appreciative of God’s creation–the earth and all its inhabitants.

An Environment Rooted in Selfishness

Ever since I was “knee-high to a grasshopper,” I felt the call and need to take care of the natural resources that surrounded me. A loving God has given us many natural things to take care of. I experienced God’'s work and care in the detailed and intricate wings or bodies of the tiniest insects [...]

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Light and Life

The Physical Picture: Life is often such a fragile thing.  Many living things struggle to hold onto it despite physical, psychological and spiritual threats and eventually death.  Most biological life as we know it is directly or indirectly dependent on light for survival.  Green plants and creatures dependent on those green things (including people) realize [...]

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Creativity, God and Us

It’s interesting to note that the first two chapters of Genesis (the beginning of creation) at the beginning of the Bible open with creativity themes.  God’s inspiration and creativity resulted in the creation of our world and us.  God was the first Creator; His creativity was born out of love for us and this world.  [...]

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The Sabbath: Physical and Spiritual Stress Relief

I was wrapping up a very busy week of work a while back, checking water levels in several large freshwater impoundments that support hundreds of wintering ducks, geese and Tundra swans.  It seems that there is never enough time to get everything done that needs doing.  This day was no different.  As I stopped for [...]

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Solitude Another Balancing Act

The human spirit seems to crave the touch, sight, sound, and smell of the many natural, beautiful things around us. Often, as we tire of the hustle and bustle of our human world, we look forward to the quiet and solitude of the natural world; away from the buildings, noise, and people.  A sense of [...]

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Social Commentary on Our Atmosphere and Us

During much of my life, I’ve traveled through dense, human-populated parts of this great country and the world. At times, as I’ve ridden through some parts, I’ve felt the need to hold my breath, rather than breathe in the foul smells and dirty air.  How do people live here, I wonder?  They can’t be healthy! [...]

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Filter Your Tap Water

Want to know when to filter your tap water? And how? We all know that drinking plenty of water is vital for health. Learn how to stay hydrated while avoiding common drinking water pollutants. Here's how to: Identify the contaminants in your home tap water Find a filter that works Skip bottled water Choose safer [...]

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A Season for Everything: Reconciling Sadness with Joy

When I was a child in the 1950s, I remember going to a local zoo and watching the lions and tigers pace back and forth inside their concrete and steel cages......back and forth, back and forth.  Even at that tender age I felt a sadness and sympathy for those magnificent animals.  They were confined not [...]

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De-Cluttering: In Nature and Us

  In Nature Ever notice how all the plants turn brown in the fall and disappear during winter?  How the annual plants disappear completely; while the perennials only die back to their root-stocks?  I’ve come to realize that Nature/God is “cleaning house” or de-cluttering the natural habitats of old, worn out growth to make room [...]

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