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Be inspired by real-life stories and poems about transformational living that touch your heart and spread healing to your body, mind and spirit. If you are interested in sharing your story or poem on your transformational experience, write to the editor of Transformational Living magazine.

Finding Peace in my Dark Hour

Let me start this article with a very uplifting thought…you may very well be disappointed by its message. You see, it would be incredibly presumptuous of me to assume that I can tell someone how to find peace in a couple thousand words or less. Doing so would probably produce an article containing a lot [...]

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POEM: Journey of a Smile

God's Spirit brings peace to a person’s inner being. This peace travels through the mind - lighting it up; The rays pour out from the eyes causing them to shine brightly. The heart gets a sense of contentment, unfettered by any worry or cares of the world. There is a swelling, feeling of happiness that [...]

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Make the Journey Matter

Life is a journey. It is up to us to make our own journey matter. Read the story by Monette Massard about her journey in life which could have cost her her life. It’s the middle of the day and I am at work when my cell phone rings. I do not recognize the number on [...]

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On Being Fearless to Accomplish One’s Dream

What is an “almost life” and an “utmost life”? An almost life is a life that is very nearly there but not exactly or entirely there. This means that you are working your life and dreams but not to your full potential. You may be stuck in a comfortable situation or you may just not [...]

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Building your Dream Wall

Visualize yourself already in possession of your dreams, you will develop an amazing belief in yourself and your ability to achieve: Getting Started: Begin by asking yourself…. ~ What am I passionate about? ~ What do I dream of doing? or becoming? ~ What are the steps I need to take to get there? ~ [...]

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Ideas for Creating your Sacred Space and Building an Altar

Make Space. It could be a corner of a room, a floor area—just once there is clutter free space. It does not have to be a lot of square footage. Candles Creating a dinner setting with candles can affect the ambience of a room tremendously. Similarly, using candles can also create a mood of intimacy [...]

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Liberate Your Soul: Choose to Forgive!

We hold on when we should let go Rewinding only to find This should have ended long ago We dig in our heels when we should move on Going tit for tat Fighting over this and that When people mean more than things And things, Well, they'’re just things See in order to get you’'ve [...]

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The Transformational Journey Continues

When I was asked to write a follow-up story to one I'd written over four years ago entitled "L…F…U…B…F…J" (Lazy, fat, ugly, b*tch who is a failure) I realized I needed to go back and re-read it myself. To my amazement I could hardly read it; I wanted to cover my eyes in shame at [...]

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Pornography: The Ultimate Victim

In Genesis One, an incredible story begins to be told—the greatest love story of all time—of an all-powerful and utterly complete-in-Himself God choosing to reveal His heart of mercy and exercise His creative power. Day by day, with the entire heavenly host watching in awe, first light spun out of the mouth of God, then [...]

Why, God, are You Angry with Me?

Anxiety!  Have you ever had an anxiety attack?  I had never had an anxiety attack until the ordinary day that turned my life inside out.  I was on my lunch break, and my husband and I were on our way to my 10-week OB/GYN appointment.  I went into the checkup with a positive pregnancy test [...]

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